Go From Casual to Committed With Your Man – Ways to Make Him More Serious About You

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If you want to go from casual to committed with your man, you may feel as though you have a monumental task ahead of you. When a woman falls in love with a man and starts planning their future in her head, she’s usually doing it with the hope that he feels the same way. Hearing that your man isn’t ready to commit or that he’s comfortable keeping things casual, is not only disappointing, it hurts too. If you’re not satisfied simply dating him for the foreseeable future and if you truly believe you two should be taking things to the next level, you can actually make that happen. There are a few things you can do that will subtly guide your man towards wanting a more connected relationship with you.

When you’re thinking about how to go from casual to committed with your man you need to consider your place in the relationship. One very common mistake that women make is they give themselves completely to a man they’re dating. Before he’s promised anything more than a casual dating scenario, she’s told him that she loves him and doesn’t want to date anyone else. Some women even go so far as to tell their boyfriend that they’ll wait for him regardless of how long it takes. Doing that is the kiss of death if you’re hoping for a commitment. If a man knows he already has your heart and if he senses that you’d wait until the end of time to marry him, he’s going to take his time getting serious about you. He sees no reason to rush into anything since you’ve already told him it all belongs to him already. That’s why just pulling back a bit can be so effective.

Many women don’t understand the concept of subtly pulling back from a man when they want to move the relationship to the next level. They make an announcement to him that they’re not going to be taken advantage of any longer. Or they tell him that he should appreciate them more. Don’t do this. It will just make him feel cornered yet again. Your best move is to no longer be available to him every time he wants to be with you. You should also start planning your life for you not for the two of you as a couple. That means doing things like taking vacations with your friends instead of your man. Show him, through your actions, not your words that you’re not waiting for him. If you do this, he’ll realize what he stands to lose and he’ll reconsider a commitment.

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